Start your GRC training with a sound framework

The business landscape is getting more dynamic today than it has ever been. In the face of ever-increasing regulations, changing business dynamics and rapidly evolving technology challenges have all combined to make the entire system more chaotic and complex. Yet every organization must leverage people, processes and technology to achieve their objectives.

  GRC is the solution to this challenge. Principled performance is a GRC mechanism that helps you reliably achieve your objectives, address uncertainties, while acting with integrity. Forward looking organizations must adopt a GRC Capability model that integrates the various sub-disciplines of governance, risk, audit, compliance, ethics/culture and IT into a unified framework. 
At IRSL Consulting, we are passionate about helping organizations adopt GRC best practices for efficient operations, ready compliance with regulations and risk adjusted decision making. We organize training workshops on ‘Implementing Integrated OCEG GRC Capability',
this is a Professional training whose purpose is to enable the adoption of best practice approaches to the implementation of GRC by organizations embarking on a GRC or transformational journey following the OCEG GRC mechanism called Principled Performance.

If you desire to showcase true Principled Performance that utilizes and integrates GRC principles and processes, this is for you!

S. White

What we teach

 Defining a GRC strategy

 Integrating and improving corporate performance, risk and compliance programs

 Strengthening core business processes

 Improving use of technology to support the integrated governance, management, and assurance of performance, risk, and compliance

  Guide to passing the GRC Professional certification exam

GRCP Certification gave me the ability to understand and communicate areas of GRC where I am not experienced.

L. Harrington


  Differentiate yourself from the competition

  Prepare to successfully pass the GRC Professional certification exam and come away with helpful information and suggestions for passing, including sample questions and answers

  Become a sought after expert in GRC and gain an advantage in the competitive job market

 Increase your potential earnings (certified individuals can earn up to 40% more than those without certification)

  Network with other professionals in GRC roles, including an OCEG Fellow, and contributing author of the OCEG GRC Capability Model v3.0

I’d encourage any employer with openings in compliance, risk, audit, and other GRC roles to look for the GRCP or GRCA on the resumes they review.

J. Kelly


 Raise the GRC bar and boost stakeholder confidence

 Meet legal/regulatory compliance obligations effectively

 Improve responsiveness, efficiency and strategic business decisions

 Protect and enhance your brand and avoid fines, penalties and reputation damage

  Demonstrate GRC implementation, auditing and consulting expertise

  Differentiate from your market competitors

  Increase the value of executives, managers and staff in GRC roles

Other Side benefits from attending our trainings include

Unlimited access to premium eBooks, illustrations and resources with an All-Access Pass (AAP) to OCEG’s portal.

Unlimited access to online training

Ability to take the GRC Professional (GRCP) exam for certification (you can retake the exam with no additional fees).

25 NASBA CPE Credits to support your professional certifications’ CPE requirements

Upcoming trainings and dates

This Training will hold in three locations in Nigeria. Details about the venues will be only be shared with registered participants

Port-Harcourt | Nigeria

Sept 3rd – 7th 2018

Abuja| Nigeria

Aug 13th – 17th 2018

Lagos| Nigeria

July 23rd – 27th 2018

At the end of this workshop, you would have acquired the ability to deliver end-to-end strategies for the implementation of an integrated GRC capability in-house or for customer organizations. This workshop promises to be intense, practical and interactive with video scenarios, illustrations and case-studies to give you a clear understanding of the roadmap and interdependencies for an effective internal handshake between core business functions and capabilities of your organization or customers.
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