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The Cybersecurity Solution delivers leading-edge protection for SAP systems against cyber attacks. The Solution identifies critical security risks that expose your SAP landscapes to external and internal threats. The professional service detects misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities not only in SAP systems, but your hosts, databases, and network architecture


IRSL consulting’s industry-leading SAP Penetration Testing Service provides the ultimate test for your SAP systems. The service demonstrates and raises awareness of the devastating impact of cyber attacks to your business-critical SAP systems. It enables you to intelligently manage vulnerabilities and avoid the pitfalls of successful security breaches.


Do you need to ensure your planned or newly-developed systems are safe and secure before go-live? Congratulations, you are already well ahead of the curve. Your recognition of the importance of security and your desire to take action means that you have taken the first step towards building robust SAP systems that are hardened against cyber threats while meeting functional requirements


Code vulnerability management is the cornerstone of a robust SAP security strategy. It is a proven, effective method used by organizations to harden custom programs and greatly reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack against SAP systems. This is achieved by proactively detecting and removing vulnerabilities in custom applications before they are discovered and exploited by attackers.

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