About us

IRSL Consulting was established as a limited liability company in July, 2010 to provide tailored business solutions, that are designed to increase efficiency, productivity and raise the bottom line.
We are the focus shop for ERP, GRC, IT Audit, SAP Audit and Security services. We partner with major OEMs to provide our clients with solutions that resolve their pains. These solutions include SAP, RSA Archer, BioLock, Microsoft and SAGE. Our partnership also extends to major global firms and think tanks like Open compliance and ethics group (OCEG) . IRSL Consulting is a true partner in transformational initiatives and is driven by best service delivery benchmarks.

We have been fully accredited by SAP as a Value Added Reseller.
Our sales and service areas include S/4 HANA implementations on-premise and cloud; Governance, Risks and Compliance solutions covering Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management, Audit Management, Business Integrity Screening and Enterprise Threat Detection; Security & Roles Redesign and SAP Audit.

What we do

Our Mission

To Provide the best IT and security services to clients while maintaining integrity and credibility.

Our Vision

To be the best IT solutions provider for businesses around the world.



We give you the best choices to choose from

Our exceptional service quality delivery has been made possible by client focused professionals, multidisciplinary teams, exceptional methodologies and tools, and an integrated network of global resources. Whether you need guidance on an Audit related initiative or more effective SAP security, we can help.